Emotes & Sub Badges

(Twitch, Mixer, Youtube, Discord, Facebook Stickers)

Emotes $30.00 US plus tax or 3 for $80.00 US plus tax.

Sub Badges $65.00-$100.00 US plus tax for a set of five. Other pricing varies upon quantity and design choices.

Logo & Mascot Design

Logo design can vary greatly upon the design and the quantity of drafts requested, but Logo design begins at $200.00 US plus tax and can range into $500.00 US plus tax.

Mascot Design begins at $250.00 US plus tax and can range into $400.00 US plus tax. Pricing relies heavily on the design complexity, and the addition, and or subtraction of wordmarks. All mascots unless otherwise requested receive The Mascot Base Design, Wordmark, and Mascot and Wordmark combined for use in all branding.

Graphic Logo Design begins at $300.00 US plus tax and can range into $500.00 US plus tax.

Branding Design

I offer various tiers of branding for all social platforms, while I mostly specialize in branding for streamers on the various platforms the packages can vary greatly depending on the needs of the individual, or group. The standard branding includes a text based logo, complimentary color and design motifs to unite your online presence. Headers for various social sites, panels, stream screens (3-5), overlay, and camera overlay.

This base package can be upgraded to an eSports, or mascot style package, and can even include emote design, sub badges, and or bit badges.

The basic streaming package begins at $400.00 US plus tax and can range up to $3500.00 US plus tax. Any design orders over $200.00 US need a fifty percent down payment to reserve their order, and the balance typically after the logo, and or mascot design has been approved.

Order Cancellations: In the event that an order needs to be cancelled before it’s date of receipt or any work has been started 50% of the deposit will be refunded.